The FANE’S Contemporary Jewelry, has broadened the horizons of fashion in women’s accessories to arouse desires, with the guidance of only further emphasize the beauty and self esteem of women.

Through research in the context of national and international market, we interact with our distributors, customers and consumers, and we combine the high technology used in the development and production of contemporary jewelery, enabling us one of the best centers in the creation and development of production accessories luxury in South America

In our universe of action, we operate through distributors nationwide and in many countries globally.

In Brazil, our concepts of beauty are prepared and disseminated in the major stores luxury accessories for women, in the main cities in all states.

Abroad, we operate through exclusive distributors in 28 countries on 5 continents.

Along with this work directly on the international market, we participate as exhibitors major fashion fairs and trends and which take place in countries like FRANCE (Paris), the U.S. (Las Vegas, New York, Miami); MEXICO (Guadalajara); SPAIN (MADRID) COLOMBIA (Bogota and Cali) ARGENTINA (Buenos Aires), RUSSIA (Moscow and Mosovo) SOUTH AFRICA (Johannesburg); PANAMA (Panama City), among others ….

This is FANE’S Contemporary Jewelry, where the awakening desires always highlighting the beauty and self esteem of women, is our largest brand.